Guest Writer

Brief Information About Guest Posting
Webitrik now accepts guest posting for experts in technology, software and What’s content, disseminating authoritative and useful information in their field!

If you want to publish quality content and guest post with us, our conditions are as follows:

Publishing Criteria for Your Articles
Your articles must be original and your own.
Your article must not have been published anywhere before and you should not publish it anywhere after you have published it on Webitrik.

Your article should be at least 600 words.
Your article should not be for advertising or promotional purposes.
Your article should be published in proper Turkish and should be understandable for every audience.

Your article must contain at least 3 images.
The number of links you give to your own blog/site in your article is limited to 2.
About the Author
You can add an 80×80 profile picture.

You can give 3 of your own social media links.
The author’s biography should contain a maximum of 50 words. There should be only one link in the biography.

What Subjects Can You Write About?
Blog Tips
Review Articles
What is it, How is it done?

How can I send my articles?
You can send your articles in “word” format with pictures attached to “[email protected]”.

If your article is suitable for publication after the necessary reviews, it will be published.

What Do You Earn By Being Guest Writer on Webitrik?
1: Only original articles are published on Webitrik, quality content is carefully prepared, edited and written and the author’s own comments are added, therefore Webitrik is on the way to become an authoritative website.

Your awareness increases and your website traffic increases with the link you provide to your own blog.

2: With a content you publish on, which is visited by more than 300 people a day, your traffic will increase, and it will allow you to introduce yourself and your site to people.

3: Since the indexes are realized in a very short time, you can be on the first page of

4: The articles you publish on Webitrik will continue to be published as long as remains open, your backlink will not be deleted forever, and your traffic will thus be permanent.

Important informations :
Writing in accordance with SEO rules allows your content to be read more, if there is a content writing strategy you use, you can apply it.

Quality of content is as important as SEO, quality and legible content is always liked and read.

A high readability text attracts more people.

You can find out the search volume by doing keyword research on the topic you want to write about.

If you want to get more information about guest posting and Important Information, you can send an e-mail to “[email protected]”.